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Part Number Description Price
TNCA001 TMNT Calendar 1991
Teeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
TNCOMOVEII/A TMNT Movie II The Secret of
the Ooze Comic
TNCOMOVIE/A TMNT The Movie Comic $5.95
TNMIDHA/A Welcome to the Sewer
TNMIDHB/A Let's Party Dude Doorhanger $2.00
TNPI10/F Rocksteady Enamel Pin $8.00
TNPI2/F Leonardo-Combat Position
Enamel Pin
TNPI3/F Shredder Enamel Pin $8.00
TNPI4/F Michaelangelo Enamel Pin $8.00
TNPI6/F Splinter Enamel Pin $8.00
TNPI7/F April O'Neal Enamel Pin $8.00
TNPI9/F Raphael Victory Enamel Pin $8.00
TNPO216 TMNT Poster Antimated
TNPO24 TMNT Poster Antimated
Flying (C)
TNPO2709 TMNT Poster Group Spotlight (C $8.00
TNPO2710 TMNT Poster Antimated
Rapheal Trenchcoat(C)
TNPO2714 TMNT Poster Hey Dude This is
No Cartoon (C)
TNPO2900 TMNT Poster Back Bodacious
Demand (C)
TNPO2901 TMNT Poster Leonardo (C) $8.00
TNPO2905 TMNT Poster Ninja Group
Sewer"Recycle" (C)
TNPO95 TMNT Poster Antimated
Fighting (C)
TNSO01CD/F TMNT Motion Picture Soundtrack $20.95
TNTCIISTICKER/A TMNT Series II Sticker Set $6.00
TNTCMOVIE/A TMNT Movie Gumcard Set $12.00
TNTCMSTICKER/A TMNT Movie Sticker Set $8.00

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