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Part Number Description Price
STCONECK Star Trek Spock Coin Necklace
Gold Plated Solid Silver-1989
w/Display Box-Limited Ed.
Coins have some toning.
STJW0002G/F Star Trek Movie Enterprise
2" Pendant-Gold
STJW0030G/F STNG Enterprise Medium Gold
STJW0032G/F STNG Enterprise Medium Gold
STJW003SE ST Enterprise Small Silver
STJW0041/F IDIC Medium Pendant 1" $14.95
STJW0041A IDIC Medium Pendant 1 1/2" $17.95
STJW0046/F IDIC Vulcan Earrings $19.95
STJW0049 Star Trek Vulcan Necklace
Hand Salute Symbol
w/ 24" chain
STJW0066G/F ST Med Gold Enterprise Earring $19.95
STJW030S STNG Enterprise Medium Silver
STJW1003 Star Trek Klingon BOP Pin
Gold Color-2"
STJW1004 Star Trek Klingon BOP Necklace
Silver Color-2"
STJW1004A Star Trek Klingon BOP Keychain
Silver Color-2"
STJW1005 Star Trek Klingon BOP Necklace
Gold Color-2"
STJW1006 Star Trek Klingon Communicator
STJW1008 Star Trek Romulan Symbol Pin
Gold Color-3"
STJW103A Star Trek Klingon BOP Pin
Silver Color-2"
STJW2351/F ST Command Insignia Pin $6.00
STJW2411/F Uniform Insignia Small Pendant
Size: 1" w/ chain
Bronze Color
STJW2412 Uniform Insignia Large Pendant
Size: 2" w/ chain
Bronze Color
STJW2413 Uniform Insignia Small PIN
Size: 1"
Bronze Color
STJW2414 Uniform Insignia Large PIN
Size: 2"
Bronze Color
STJW25ANNCOIN/F ST 25th Anniversary Medallion
STJW26202 Star Trek Next Generation
Communicator Stick Pin (E)

25 Items Displayed

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