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Part Number Description Price
MIMASB001 Starburst #1: British Mag
Star Wars Star Trek
MIMASB002 Starburst #2: British Mag
Star Wars Prisoner
MIMASB004 Starburst #4: British Mag
Star Trek Hulk Tolkien
MIMASB005 Starburst #5: British Magazine
Battlestar Galactica Darkstar
MIMASB006 Starburst #6: British Magazine
Superman Blake's 7 Dr Who
MIMASB009 Starburst #9: British Magazine
Lord of The Rings Thunderbirds
MIMASB010 Starburst #10:British Magazine
Dr Who Lost in Space
MIMASB011 Starburst #11:British Magazine
Star Trek James Bond
MIMASB012 Starburst #12:British Magazine
James Bond Moonraker
MIMASB013 Starburst #13:British Magazine
Buck Rogers Alien Avengers
MIMASB014 Starburst #14:British Magazine
Alien Doctor Who The Avengers
MIMASB015 Starburst #15:British Magazine
Quartermass Dr Who Alien
MIMASB016 Starburst #16:British Magazine
Planet of the Apes Black Hole
MIMASB017 Starburst #17:British Magazine
Star Trek The Motion Picture
MIMASB019 Starburst #19:British Magazine
Black Hole Saturn 3 Star Trek
MIMASB022 Starburst #22 British Magazine
Star Wars ESB John Carpenter
MIMASB025 Starburst #25:British Magazine
Buck Rogers Popeye Battestar
MIMASB026 Starburst #26:British Magazine
Thongor Fantasia Dr. Strange
MIMASB027 Starburst #27:British Magazine
The Shining Doctor Who
MIMASB029 Starburst #29:British Magazine
Battle Beyond the Stars
MIMASB030 Starburst #30:British Magazine
Blake's 7 Hawk the Slayer
MIMASB032 Starburst #32:British Magazine
Superman Blakes 7 Monster Club
MIMASB033 Starburst #33:British Magazine
Disney Snow White James Bond
MIMASB034 Starburst #34:British Magazine
2001: A Space Odyssey Outland
MIMASB035 Starburst #35:British Magazine
Superman Clash of the Titans

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