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Part Number Description Price
MASFE0101 Sci-Fi Entertainment June 1994
1st Issue-Wolf, The Mask
Gremlins, Dracula
MASFE0102 Sci-Fi Entertainment Aug. 1994
The Shadow, Star Trek, TekWar
B5, Lion King
MASFE0103 Sci-Fi Entertainment Oct. 1994
Timecop, ST Puppet Masters
Stargate, Earth II, SeaQuest
MASFE0104 Sci-Fi Entertainment-Dec. 1994
ST:Generations Cover & Article
Also Voyager, DS9, X-Files
Vampire Lestat, Frankenstein
MASFE0105 Sci-Fi Entertainment Feb. 1995
Voyager, Tekwar, Clive Barkerv
Forever Knight
MASFE0201 Sci-Fi Entertainment June 1995
Batman Reborn, Judge Dredd
Alien Species
MASFE0202 Sci-Fi Entertainment Aug. 1995
Judge Dredd, Waterworld
Akira, Apollo 13
MASFE0203 Sci-Fi Entertainment Oct. 1995
Voyager, X-files, Babylon 5
MASFE0204 Sci-Fi Entertainment-Dec. 1995
Voyager Cover & Article
Also Sliders, Forever Knight
12 Monkeys, Toy Story, Jumanji
MASFE0205 Sci-Fi Entertainment-Feb. 1996
Alien Nation Cover & Article
Also Dr. Who & Lawmower Man II
MASFE0206 Sci-Fi Entertainment-April-96
B5 Cover & Article
Also Star Trek, X-Files
Outer Limits, Xena/Hercules
MASFE0302 Sci-Fi Entertainment Aug. 1996
ID4, T-2, Escape From L.A.
The Frighteners
MASFE0303 Sci-Fi Entertainment Oct. 1996
ST 30 Years, X-Files,
Dark Skies, Millennium
MASFE0402 Sci-Fi Entertainment Feb. 1997
SW 20th, ST, Mars Attacks!
Babylon 5
MASFE0402B Sci-Fi Entertainment April '97
X-Files, Sliders, SF Cartoons
MASFE0402C Sci-Fi Entertainment June 1997
Jurassic Park, B5, Batman
5th Element, Third Rock
MASFE0403 Sci-Fi Entertainment July 1997
Batman & Robin, Roswell
Hammer Horror
MASFE04032 Sci-Fi Entertainment Aug. 1997
MIB, Spawn, Event Horizon
Contact, Steel
MASFE0405 Sci-Fi Entertainment Nov. 1997
Babylon 5, Timecop
MST3K, Gattaca
MASFE0406 Sci-Fi Entertainment Dec. 1997
Alien 4, Starship Troopers
Mortal Kombat
MASFE0407 Sci-Fi Entertainment Jan. 98
Voyager Borg, Anime, Postman
Starship Troopers, Flubber
MASFE0408 Sci-Fi Entertainment Feb. 1998
Star Wars, B5, Sphere
Space Above & Beyond
MASFE0409 Sci-Fi Entertainment April '98
X-Files, Star Trek, Babalon 5
MASFE0501 Sci-Fi Entertainment June 1998
Xena, B5, Anime, Deep Impact
MASFE0502 Sci-Fi Entertainment July 1998
Godzilla Returns, X-Files
Voyager/Jeri Taylor Interview

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