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FGMA001 Fangoria #1-Godzilla Alien
Creature from the Black Lagoon
FGMA002 Fangoria #2-War of the Worlds
Phantasm Dracula Mars Attacks
FGMA003 Fangoria #3-Night Stalker
Stephen King Alien
FGMA004 Fangoria #4-Star Trek
The Black Hole Fantasic Art
FGMA005 Fangoria #5-Animated Apes
Battlestar Galactica The Fog
FGMA007 Fangoria #7-The Shining
Alfred Hitchcock Frankenstein
FGMA008 Fangoria #8-John Carpenter
Star Wars Halloween
FGMA009 Fangoria #9-Outer Limits
Jamie Lee Curtis Conan
FGMA010 Fangoria #10-Outer Limits
Scanners Animated Apes
FGMA012 Fangoria #12-Friday the 13th
Clash of the Titans R McKimson
FGMA013 Fangoria #13-Dragon Slayer
Friday the 13th Werewolf
FGMA014 Fangoria #14-John Carpenter
Alien American Werewolf
FGMA016 Fangoria #16-Swamp Thing
Basket Case Dick Smith
FGMA017 Fangoria #17-Dark Shadows
Wes Craven Swamp Thing
FGMA018 Fangoria #18-The Thing
John Carpenter Dark shadows
FGMA019 Fangoria #19-Poltergeist
Steven Spielberg The Thing
FGMA024 Fangoria #24-Poltergeist
Steven Spielberg J Carpenter
FGMA025 Fangoria #25-Poltereist
Swamp Thing Beastmaster
FGMA027 Fangoria #27-Tom Savini
Dark Shadows Time Walker
FGMA029 Fangoria #29-Jaws Krull
Twilight Zone Gates of Hell
FGMA030 Fangoria #30-John Carpenter
Twilight Zone Halloween
FGMA032 Fangoria #32-Friday the 13th
Stephen King John Carpenter
FGMA033 Fangoria #33-The Shining
Teenage Frankenstein Splatter
FGMA034 Fangoria #34-Stephen King
Michael Jackson's Thriller
FGMA035 Fangoria #35-Stephen King
Ozzy Osbourne Alfred Hitchcock

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