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Part Number Description Price
ASPA001 Agents of Shield/Avenger Patch
Black & White Shield Logo 3.5"
ASPA002 Agents of Shield/Avenger Patch
Shield Command Logo 3"
ASPA006 Agents of Shield/Avenger Patch
Lab Coat Movie Logo
Avengers Movie
ASPA007 Agents of Shield TV Patch
Pilot Crew Shoulder Logo
ASPASET2 Agents of Shield TV Patch Set
3" & 3.5"
BFPO-0029 Battlestar Galactica (New)
Poster-First Cylon War
(From Adama's Quarters)
17"x 22"
BG303 Colonial Warrior Helmet-Actual
Prop From Galactica 1980
BG305 Paper Party Table Cover
Never opened
BGAUSACK01 Battlestar Galactica
Autograph Katee Sackhoff
BGAUSACK02 Battlestar Galactica
Autograph Katee Sackhoff
BGJW001/A Battlestar Galactica Charm Set $30.00
BGJWBB01 Battlestar Galactica Buckle
Viper Logo from Original Show
BGJWDOGSKT Battlestar Galactica Dog Tags
K. Thrace-Set of Two
(screen accurate size)
BGMI01 Battlestar Galactica Cubits
New Series (2 per set)
BGMI01/F Battlestar Galactica Cubits
(2 per set)
BGMI03/F Battlestar Galactica Pyramid
Card Game w/Instructions
BGMIBS01/F BG Bumpersticker $2.00
BGMIBUS Battlestar Galactica Vintage
Business Card Set (10)
BGMUG4 Battlestar Galactic Viper Mug
Dissapearing Picture Mug
BGPA01 Battlestar Galactica New
Series Logo Patch- Tan
BGPA01H Battlestar Galactica New
Series Logo Patch on Black Hat
Adjustable Adult Size
BGPA01JP Battlestar Galactica Tan Patch
BSG-75 Large Jacket Patch
New Series
BGPA02 Battlestar Galactica New
Series Viper Patch
BGPA02H Battlestar Galactica New
Series Viper Patch on Hat
Adjustable Adult Size
BGPA07 New Battlestar Galactica
Vigilantes Sqadron Patch

25 Items Displayed

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